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Alphaweld Supply Group offers an extensive range of welding products and pipe and tube equipment available for hire. Our machines are available for Short and Long Term hire, or Hire to Buy.

Use on Shutdowns/Mining, Oil & Gas Construction and Onsite.

Delivery can be arranged anywhere in Australia.


•  Diesel Welding Machines
•  Diesel Welding Compressors
•  Voltage Sensing Wirefeeder
•  Hypertherm Plasma
•  Taylor Stud Welding Equipment
•  Cutting & Positioning Equipment

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Welding supplies, welding equipment, welding accessories, welding consumables, abrasives, chemical products, Gas equipment, Machines,
Safety equipment, TIG torches and spares, MIG torches and spares, Plasma, Ancillary Equipment, Hand and power tools, Flexshield

welding supplies

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